The day has come and we're getting by with some Canadian humour. With the U.S. election, Canada is watching closely and the Schitt's Creek reactions are so on point. Moira Rose is basically all of us.

As part of the "as a Canadian" trend on Twitter, people have been using Moira Rose gifs in their tweets to show how they're feeling on election day.

It's such a mood!

Here are five tweets that accurately represent how Canadians are like Moira while watching the election if you need a laugh.

Plus, enjoy two Alexis and David gifs that are too real right now.

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This compilation of Moira screaming and explaining that she's stressed is very on point on election day.

Prayer circle

Even if you don't pray, this might be the time to send a message to whomever it may concern, just like Moira.


A little neighbourly emotional support to our American comrades.

A waking nightmare

"Someone slap me, I appear to be in a waking nightmare" is all of us watching the U.S. election. Will it be over when we actually wake up? Probably not.

Not again

There's a Moiraism for everything, and if Donald Trump gets re-elected, may we all be as resolute as she is.

More prayers

Here's the less confident, more confused side to the election-day prayer circle courtesy of David Rose. We've all been there. Most of us are there right now.


Are the mail-in ballots going to be counted? Will Trump concede if he loses? Will the new Supreme Court justice be his trump card? Alexis Rose has got a bad feeling about this.