BC's Dr. Bonnie Henry Is Taking Over Olivia Munn’s Instagram

Talk about friends in high places!
Dr. Bonnie Henry Will Take Over Oliva Munn's Instagram To Share Her COVID-19 Knowledge

In B.C., we're known as Hollywood North so celeb sightings and shout outs are no big deal. This bit of hot goss will make you turn your head for sure. Dr. Bonnie Henry will take over Oliva Munn's social media for one day as part of a campaign to spread info about COVID-19 to her millions of Instagram followers. 

This move is part of a campaign to #passthemic from world-famous celebrities to the world's leading experts in public health.

Famous faces like Julia Roberts and Millie Bobby Brown have already signed up for the cause to share their massive platforms with people who know way more about COVID-19 than they do.

Dr. Bonnie Henry is B.C.'s provincial health officer who's daily COVID-19 updates have made her both a household name and a source of local pride.

She has her own Twitter fan account and has been praised by publications like the New York Times for her incredible response to the pandemic

ET Canada reported that she'd be taking over for Olivia Munn as part of the global movement. 

Victoria News and the Canadian Press reported that the takeover will happen primarily on Munn's Instagram page, where she has 2.6 million followers.

Munn, fresh off of the Netflix Love Wedding Repeat, will share her account on Tuesday, June 30 according to CTV and the Canadian Press.

The #passthemic movement is part of ONE campaign, an advocacy organization originally co-founded by Bono.

In a video promoting social media takeovers, celebs share that now's not the time to hear from them, it's time to listen to our world's experts.

"Bye Bye, Instagram...the last person you need to hear from right now is me," says the script read by totally recognizable faces.

"For one day, I'm handing over my account to experts on COVID-19."

So if you're checking out Olivia Munn's Instagram account next week, you're going to see a familiar Canadian face.

You can catch up on all the other #passthemic videos online in advance so that when you're listening to Dr. Bonnie Henry, you'll really take in every word.

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