We get it, life is busy, and sometimes it can be hard to find that downtime you crave. But it essential to make time for you to relax so you don't burn out. We found the perfect spot for a getaway from your stressful to-do list. Nectar Yoga's stay on B.C.'s Bowen Island is full of adorable cabins you need to see in person.

What makes this spot unique is not just the buildings; it is a wellness retreat designed to help you feel recharged. According to co-owner Andrea Clark, "by calming the mind and finding strength from deep within, guests are empowered to bring peace to their daily lives."

Amid the stunning natural beauty of Bowen Island, you'll find their five cozy cottages.

There are two options to choose from. The spacious Scandinavian-inspired cottages boast extra features like an indoor and outdoor shower and built-in reading nook or the adorable A-frame wooden cabins.

They start at $283 a night, and there is a minimum two-night stay.

The mini buildings would be ideal for a solo trip, but there is enough room for two to three people.

Staying here is the complete packages, so once you arrive, all you need to do is leave your stress at the door.

You can join in daily guided meditation and yoga sessions while you're there.

In your free time, you can do whatever you wish. Such as exploring the hiking trails or getting cozy up with a good book.

Nectar Yoga Pauline Holden Photography | Nectar Yoga

But the fun doesn't stop there. You can also opt to enhance your stay with a relaxing hour-long massage or even a tarot reading.

Then, to help you ease into the morning, you'll also get to enjoy a tasty breakfast. The complimentary vegetarian feast is made with delicious, locally grown organic ingredients.

Are you craving some relaxation? It is time to treat yourself to a solo escape.

Nectar Yoga

Price Per Night: $283.00

Address: 720 Gardner Ln., Bowen Island, BC

Why You Need To Go: Free breakfast, yoga, and mediation included in every stay? Yes, please.

These prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.