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Vancouver's NYC-Style Apartment Building For Sale Lets You Live Like Chandler & Monica

It will be there for you and all your friends. 🏙️

Have you already binge-watched the entire series of Friends for the tenth time?

Then you will want to see this Vancouver apartment building for sale

When you see the $29,500,000 price tag of the Shaughnessy Lodge, you might go in shock.

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vancouver apartment for sale Century 21

But that is the fee to own the entire building and its 69 units.

It looks like something you'd find in New York and will let you live with all your pals just like Chandler and Monica.

Just picture it — you could rent out the 43 bachelors and 26 one-bedroom suites to your entire crew.

According to the listing, you can enjoy a sweet $950,000 net annual income when fully occupied.

The 1920s structure has plenty of charming details, like exposed brick walls, wood floors, large windows with lots of natural light, and updated kitchens.

New York Style Apartment Building

Price: $29,500,000

Address: 1298 10th Ave. W., Vancouver, BC

Description: Everyone you know could be your neighbour. 

Vancouver apartment for sale Century 21

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