Escape to one of the best-hidden gems on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast without a five-hour hike.

Two hours from Vancouver is the splendid Burnett Falls Park.

The area is ideal for a laid-back weekend adventure, as you'll need to do a bit of driving and take a ferry ride to get there.

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The hike is only 0.5 kilometres, meaning the distance is shorter than you walking up and down the isles at the grocery store.

There is a clear sign marking the start, so it is easy to find.

The rest of the well-marked route will take you next to moss-covered trees, leafy ferns, and a tumbling creek.

Following the sound of running water, you'll make it to the base of the falls, where you can watch the steady stream of water over the rocks.

Before you return, make sure to snap a photo of the new tropical hidden gem you found.

Burnett Falls

Price: Free

Address: Burnett Falls Park, 5332 Burnett Rd., Sechelt, BC

Why You Need To Go: This hidden forest grove looks like something you would find in Costa Rica.

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