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We Suited Up For Wedding Season At This Canadian Shop For Less Than $280 Each

Mix-and-matchable looks for every RSVP.

We Suited Up For Wedding Season At This Canadian Shop For Less Than $280 Each
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After two years of postponements, elopements, micro-weddings and Zoom receptions, Canada’s wedding industry is preparing for a boom. In these early months of 2022, a trip to the mailbox is almost guaranteed to yield a couple of invites.

I received a super-special invitation to be a bridesmaid at my sister Bianca’s wedding. If digital media could show evidence of crying, this article would be drenched. Bianca and her fiancé, Aysar, live in Dubai. With loved ones scattered across the globe, they opted for a destination wedding in Sri Lanka this summer.

My partner, Quinn, and I live in Vancouver, so the Weligama reception is pretty much on the opposite side of the planet. To make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime trip, I’m splurging big time on the whole affair.

Between flights, accommodations, wedding gifts, accessories, mani-pedis and climate-appropriate outfits, my bank account’s braced for impact. Which is to say, a chance to save a dollar or two right now is greatly appreciated.

Sierra Riley | Narcity

I'd already secured my bridesmaid’s dress and some jewelry for my sister’s big day, but there's also a cocktail event for guests arriving early in Weligama, an after-party and a farewell brunch to prepare for — each with its own dress code.

As our pile of wedding invites grows, my boyfriend and I were hoping to buy some mix-and-match-style outfits to get us through the season without spending a fortune.

While assisting Quinn on his hunt for a versatile look, I had an idea. We were browsing the Tip Top website for affordable and high-quality pieces when I eyed a set that would be perfect for me to wear to my sister’s cocktail party. Plus, I could style it differently for a few other events in my calendar.

Sierra Riley | Narcity

So this past weekend, Quinn and I set out to Burnaby’s Metrotown mall to try on some suits and take advantage of Tip Top's sweet bundles — an exclusive offer for wedding party groups of two or more.

The store was, by any measure, a wedding-attire wonderland: abundant with funky socks, grooming accessories, cuff links, vibrant suits, belts, shirts and even some casual wear.

In store, Tip Top had a whole event shop set up to help us find the perfect outfits, full of colour-combo inspiration to suit any occasion (pun intended).

Sierra Riley | Narcity

Buying My First Suit

I'm a first-time suit buyer, so this was unfamiliar territory for me. With all the styles on display, plus an option to get the pieces tailored, I felt a little overwhelmed. Thankfully, Nicole, the store manager, helped me decode the sizes and offered up her opinions on the fit.

We had a great time getting creative with looks. I tried on a few different options and eventually landed on a classic vest and pant set. I also got a shirt and tie because there was a deal and I got excited. For all of that, it cost me $199 before tax.

Sierra Riley | Narcity

What My Partner Bought

Quinn had his heart set on a monochromatic look — black jacket, pants, shirt and tie. This way, he reasoned, he could wear the black shirt and pants to the cocktail event, then take it up a notch for the reception by switching to a white shirt with the jacket and tie.

Nicole suggested that he take advantage of one of Tip Top’s bundles and add a pocket square to brighten up the look. This ended up being cheaper than buying the items separately, coming to $279 (before tax) for a really sleek look.

Sierra Riley | Narcity

Overall Impression

White-veil occasions can bring out some colourful emotions. Fortunately, I swerved around the stress and actually had fun finding the ultimate 'fit.

Exploring the bright and open Tip Top store was really enjoyable. The staff was knowledgeable and helpful, there were styles to suit any vibe, and (even though neither of us ended up needing it) the option for in-store tailoring was an added comfort.

Sierra Riley | Narcity

Bonus: when you get a good deal like this on a Tip Top shopping spree, it’s easy to treat yourself to lunch after (which meant some yummy bao for me).

Most importantly, these suits made both Quinn and I feel straight-up dapper. Our social outings have been limited over the last couple of years, so my packed summer calendar has me feeling like a debutante making my first appearance in society. Right now, a little confidence boost goes a long way.

We'll also be in Paris for a few days on our way to Sri Lanka, so having options beyond my usual sweatpants chic while I'm in the fashion capital of the world is definitely a plus.

Thanks to Tip Top, I've been able to plan the outfits that’ll get me from flâneur to bridesmaid in style. I’ll tuck my new dress shirt into jeans for a breezy daytime look and, in the evening, I'll throw the vest on top to dress it up.

Sierra Riley | Narcity

Later we discovered that the suits fit perfectly in our carry-on luggage too. I hate checking baggage, especially with connecting flights, so this was a huge win in my books.

Diving Into Wedding Season

Wedding season is here and I feel 100% prepared. Okay, maybe 80% when I factor in the emotional prep it’ll take to see my sister and her partner tie the knot (congrats, Bianca and Aysar!).

Sierra Riley | Narcity

If you’re also shifting from a life of WFH loungewear and minimal socializing to a summer of formal attire and open bars, hit up Tip Top’s website or your nearest Tip Top location for 'fit inspiration and deals to keep you on budget.

Whether you’re a guest, a member of the bridal party or the one saying “I do,” this one-stop shop will help keep wedding season the joyous time it's meant to be.

To learn more about how you can suit up with Tip Top this wedding season, check out their website or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Although products were provided for free in this review, the author's opinions are genuine and do not reflect the views of Narcity Media.

Sierra Riley
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