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The best burgers in Canada have just been announced, and three of the picks were in Winnipeg.

Over 700 restaurants across the country participated in the Le Burger Week event by Saputo and Sysco delivered through DoorDash, which ran from September 1 to 14.

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If you're thinking, "Who hates sushi!?" Yeah, we know – but these people do exist. It could be that one friend who ruins everyone's sushi lunch plans because they don't like it or that new significant other who isn't down for the sushi date.

If some members of your crew don't like raw fish, maybe any fish, seaweed or other characteristics of sushi, these dishes are sure to impress nonetheless. Many are different takes on sushi that are more like hot dogs, poutine, pizza, or nachos, which are hopefully foods that your non-sushi-loving buddies can enjoy.

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In Winnipeg, you may not be able to enjoy summer all year, but you can definitely enjoy summer desserts no matter the season. So if it's cold out, it might be time to put on your favourite oversized baggy sweater and indulge in some of our city's finest desserts.

Anytime is the best time to get your sweet fix. And because we always got your back, here is a compiled list of desserts in Winnipeg you should already have tried by now.

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Are you freaking ready? Because the Food Truck Wars are finally here! This year there are over 45 food trucks participating in the Food Truck Wars. With so many amazing trucks and foods, it's hard to know what to get. Click here if you want to see the entire list of trucks.

If you aren't familiar with the Food Truck Wars, it's part of the annual Manyfest festival downtown. All the food trucks compete with one another and we get to vote for the best! To vote you can fill out a ballot at the festival or tweet @DowntownWpgBIZ using the hashtag #ManyFest with the name of your favourite food truck.

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Le Burger Week is a competition where restaurants compete with one another in their city for the best burger title. They get super creative to make the craziest burgers! The best part is that it isn't someone else judging the food, we get to choose!

This year we have OVER 100 restaurants participating in Le Burger Week! Winnipeg actually has the most participants out of any other city. Click here if you want to see the entire list. Don't forget to visit Le Burger Week website to vote for your fave!

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