This Canadian Doctor's TikTok Reveals What COVID-19 Looks Like From The Front Lines

Try not to cry your eyes out.
This Canadian Doctor's TikTok Reveals What COVID-19 Looks Like From The Front Lines

For the past couple of weeks, a Winnipeg doctor has taken to social media to share real stories from the front lines of COVID-19. 

Dr. Gigi Osler, a head and neck surgeon, told her followers that she had received approval to film in the hospital. “Stay tuned for real stories from real health care workers working during COVID-19,” she said.

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“You could be talking to one person one day, setting up oxygen on them, the next day they’re on a ventilator, the next time you come on shift, they’re dead.” Hospital Staff

Her first video, captioned “they are strong but they are tired,” featured an ICU nurse and educator who said that she constantly feels like she can never do enough.

“Sorry,” the nurse said through tears as she turned away from the camera. 

Part three featured a nurse who said he had contracted COVID-19 while at work. Through it all, he said he was terrified that he would make his family sick and that it would be his fault.

Many of the videos feature health care workers begging people to stay home during the holidays.

Even in this difficult time, one ER doctor tried to spread a bit of hope, saying, "we know that we'll get through this."

Another nurse spoke about how the operating room nurses have now become recovery room nurses, as well. “The roles have doubled up.”

One respiratory therapy staff member discussed the mental toll it’s taken to see such an “extreme” volume of deaths.

"As we hear them talk, I feel an immense amount of gratitude towards them for their hope and their hard work and their courage," Dr. Osler told CBC News

"There are folks who honestly felt too emotional to be able to speak about anything that they've seen or worked through."