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These 2 New Brunswickers Put Out A TikTok Call For Friends & The World Got In Line (VIDEO)

The "pretty cool guys" can add going viral to their list of hobbies.

Canadian TikTok Call Out For New Friends Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Are you in the Moncton, New Brunswick area and looking for friends? If so, there are two New Brunswickers who have some good news for you.

The latest viral Canadian TikTok is a June 11 post from @BrentlyG, a Moncton-area TikToker, whose callout for new friends has blown up online, with one million views and almost 200,000 likes on TikTok and over 2 million views on Twitter.


#newbrunswick comment or shoot us a message to be our friend my email is #friendship #lonleypeople

"We're pretty cool guys," Brently explained, motioning to his friend Jeffrey at a park in New Brunswick. "We'd really like to be your friend cause it's just the two of us right now... we're looking to expand."

Brent said that Canadians can hit him up on TikTok or over email, and they did not waste time; the video now has over 8,000 comments. Not everyone lives near Moncton, but many still said they wished Brett and Jeffrey all the best with finding new friends.

"My heart can't handle this, you guys are too wholesome," said one commenter.

"I'm in Manchester, CT and you're both absolutely invited to my 4th of July weekend party. It's an epic time," said someone else with great intentions, even if Canada's border rules might get in the way.

"It'd be awesome to get a third person, or a fourth or a fifth," Brently said in his video. "We're really looking to expand and be cool together, you know?"

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