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You Can Win A $3500 DoorDash Gift Card To Show Love To BC Restaurants All Year Long

The contest ends on December 18.
Contributing writer
You Can Win A $3500 DoorDash Gift Card To Show Love To BC Restaurants All Year Long

Food delivery services have become an increasing staple in the dining out scene - and with the challenges of 2020, it's made it possible to enjoy local BC food faves from the comfort of your home.  

And if you're an avid DoorDasher, you might recall that, back in October, the company created a #DashSquad campaign with five local celebrities and influencers to surprise fans across Vancouver with free food and gift cards.

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Deliveries were made from local restaurants across Vancouver - which, as we all know, is great because right now, supporting local restaurants is incredibly important. So important, in fact, that the DashSquad has come back to end 2020 on a high note with three exciting social media contests highlighting their favourite local restaurants!

And exactly what kind of restaurants have made the DashSquad’s list?

Mijune Pak’s top local spots include upscale Japanese sushi restaurant Tetsu Sushi; Nigerian eatery (with especially delicious meat pies) Arike; La Glace, an ice cream joint that delivers and specializes in French-style ice cream; and Takenaka, specializing in super fun temaki/hand rolls.

On the other hand, Jimbo the Drag Clown has his own list to share. His faves include Sizzling Tandoor, for their rich, flavourful butter chicken and beef vindaloo; authentic Mediterranean haunt The Village Taverna; Palagio Pizza, for their classic pepperoni and cheese; and Baan Thai for some amazing curry.

Finally, Hayley Law’s selections include vegan pizza restaurant, especially for their pie called The Ultraviolet; Sal y Limon for tacos and burritos (and, as a pro tip, try the fish taco!); Vancouver staple Cactus Club Cafe; and Fat Mao for the ultimate comfort food.

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So what’s this contest all about? Well, let’s start with the prize: if you live in British Columbia, you can actually enter for the chance to win a $3,500 DoorDash gift card!

Other than being a B.C. resident, all you need to do to enter is head over to Mijune Pak, Jimbo the Drag Clown, or Hayley Law’s Instagram. There will be a post highlighting the contest rules. You'll be required to follow both @doordash_ca and one of the mentioned influencers' pages. Finally, you'll have to leave a comment explaining how $3,500 of free food could help you out, and provide proof that you've signed up for the app.

There will be three prizes, one for Mijune Pak, Jimbo the Drag Clown, and Hayley Law. The contest will run until December 18 and the winners will be notified by the #DashSquad. The prizes will be awarded on December 21.

Just imagine all the tasty meals from your local faves that you could treat yourself and your loved ones to with a $3,500 gift card!

The #DashSquad Contest

When: Until December 18

Where: Happening in British Columbia and you can enter on the Instagram of Mijune PakJimbo the Drag Clown, or Hayley Law.

Why You Need To Enter: Winning $3,500 worth of DoorDash food means supporting local restaurants and indulging in delicious meals.

To support local, head over to the DoorDash website. Follow their Instagram and Facebook for updates. Don't forget to check out Mijune Pak, Jimbo the Drag Clown, and Hayley Law on Instagram for contest info.

Melina Brum
Contributing writer