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5 Awkward Topics You Need To Get Comfortable With The Closer You Get To 30

It’s time to talk about it.
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5 Awkward Topics You Need To Get Comfortable With The Closer You Get To 30

Whew. Life is rife with awkwardness and taboo topics. But it's about time we change that. Let's challenge social barriers and prepare to get a little uncomfortable for the sake of becoming blockage free — emotionally, socially, and physically.

We get it — you've been taught that some things are just better left unsaid. Talk about money? Not in polite company. Having the kid chat with your new beau? Only if you want to come on way too strong. Tell your toilet tales? Definitely not.

Or so you thought. Healthy communication means a healthy mind, and healthy poo means a healthy you. Here to make things a little easier is SENOKOT®, the #1 trusted laxative by Canadian shoppers derived from natural senna to provide gentle relief from occasional constipation. SENOKOT® has been relieving discomfort for over 60 years, and the makers of SENOKOT® are sharing "poo-sitivity" (sorry not sorry) when it comes to life's most awkward topics.

Take it from the brand trusted and recommended by physicians and pharmacists, there are some things you've just got to get comfortable with. Here are five awkward topics you should probably get used to talking about the closer you creep to the big 3-0.

1. Discussing Debt & Finances With Your Partner

You did it — you've found the person you like being around, so much so that you want them around all the time. Maybe even permanently. It might be time for a money date if you haven't had one already. What's a money date? It's airing out all of your money laundry, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sharing is caring, especially when you and your partner plan to split the bills. Business Insider suggests that one way to begin the conversation is to start things with "What if..." like, "What if we want to retire at 55, how can we do that?"

Money Under 30 says it's important to agree to disagree. You and your partner were likely raised with different money values, and that's okay. You'll find common ground on some things, but don't let the odd disagreement get you down. It's normal.

Another great tip by Money Under 30 is to focus on value over numbers. A $400 pair of boots may seem outrageous at first, but the value behind the purchase (the item is well made, classic, and will last a lifetime) may outweigh the cost. A one-time purchase of $400 could be better in the long run than a recurring cost of $100 every year.

2. Total Health Requires Good Digestive Health

Fitting that this is point number two because yep, you guessed it, we're going to talk about that number two. You read that right. Poo. This taboo is the key to overall wellbeing, so we really shouldn't be so awkward about it. Besides, it feels terrible to hold something in. Did you know: 30% of millennials feel more comfortable and would rather talk about menstruation than poo?

SENOKOT® is giving everyone the literal Scoop on Poop, and maybe you can relate to it. Half of all Canadians say that feeling constipated deters them from living fully, and almost one in five millennials don't realize there's a treatment for constipation at all.

What happens on the porcelain throne can be indicative of potential health concerns too. If you notice a change in the frequency of your bowel movements, talk to your health care practitioner about your digestive health. Even seemingly small things like bloating have a lot more to do with going #2 than millennials think. Seriously, 51% of us don't associate bloating with constipation and just over 34% are too embarrassed to buy laxatives when they think they might need it. Nearly all Canadians (92%) agree they feel great after a good poo — so why not help yourself out?

3. Sharing If & When You Want To Have Children 

Kids. Some people dream of becoming a parent early on in life. Others know in their heart that parenting just isn't for them. Both life choices are valid and deserving of respect. When you're dating, it can be anxiety-inducing trying to figure out when to have the chat. We get it. Bringing it up on the first date might be overwhelming for the cutie across the table, but waiting too long could mean hurt feelings and a broken heart later on.

If you're in the dating phase, you should take the time to reflect on your values, hopes, and dreams about parenting and know where you stand. It could be a definite yes, a huge no, or an "I'm open to it" situation. Great, you've sorted out your thoughts on the matter! How do you know when to bring up whether you want children? Insider contributor Rachel Wright shares that having the "baby talk" as soon as you can envision yourself with someone long term is the best approach. ThinkGlamor recommends having the chat before any chance of intimacy because if you and your potential partner have different goals, it's unlikely for the relationship to get very far.

The older we get, the more we owe it to ourselves and our partners to communicate, even about the more awkward topics — and especially about the life-changing ones.

4. Talking About Your Salary With Loved Ones 

The wage gap is so last decade, but how do you know if you're experiencing wage disparity? You might hear whispers that so and so in the same role is getting paid more than you even though you have seniority and different qualifications. It's not fair, but it's common. We're often discouraged from discussing salary at home or with friends, but it's time we get more used to this subject.

Talking about your salary with people you trust is a way to hold your workplace accountable. Do a little research on Glassdoor to find out average salaries for your role and see if you're getting paid what you're worth. The salary spectrum works both ways: you could feel underpaid because of the assumptions you make about other individuals' salaries, but transparency with those closest to you could make you see just how good you have it. On the other hand, you may find out that the position you're working towards pays much less than you thought, and you might want to reconsider your career goals.

No matter which way you slice it, being open about your salary can be freeing and empowering, helping you make the best career choices possible.

5. Personal Or Business Failures

We live in the age of flawlessly curated Instagram feeds where people's online life often looks picture-perfect, leading to a global case of feeling like none of us have made it yet. The truth is, behind those artfully directed shots of your favourite #bossbabe are probably a lot of failures. It's time that those moments make the cut too.

Failure is often where we learn the most. Take it from successful marketing guru and multi-entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk, who once tweeted that he actually loves failure since it's "part of the game." Think of some of the most successful people in the world; Steve Jobs often spoke of failure not defining his or Apple's future, and look at the $1 trillion+ company now.

Let's normalize talking about failure and the growth that comes from it. Whether you're launching the next great product or learning a new skill, embrace the bumps along the way. More importantly, share your letdowns with friends, family, social networks, and look towards the growth that's on the way. Acknowledging and moving past failures can make success taste sweeter.

Keeping things backed up is a recipe for disaster, emotionally and physically. You can prevent a backlog by tackling uncomfortable topics head-on, and by turning to natural senna relief when you need a little push to get things moving.

SENOKOT® is designed to provide gentle, overnight relief from the occasional uncomfortable moment (constipation), and so can talking about what most consider taboo. Say no to digestive and emotional discomfort by being open about awkward subjects — and, yes, that includes poo.

To find out more about Senokot® and their products, visit their website or check them out on Facebook and Instagram.