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9 New Hobbies You Can Pick Up In 2021

Just in case the quarantine lasts.
9 New Hobbies You Can Pick Up In 2021

The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here: It's time to leave 2020 behind and look for the positives in 2021.

This new year is an opportunity to take a whole new perspective on who you want to be, and while it may be tempting to just grab your 2020 goals and update them (hello diet and exercise), this year is the perfect time to try something different.

As we leave banana bread baking and TikTok binges in 2020 (where they belong), it's important we learn how to actually prioritize self-care and focus on hobbies that make us feel good, like yoga, skincare, or even learning a new language. Of course, the best part of being so prolific is the well-deserved reward that comes in the form of a refreshing, relaxing drink and a toast to the product of your imagination and creativity. 

This year, it's time to put you first. And British Columbia wines can help make your self-care journey a little more approachable, enjoyable and fulfilling.

If you're in search of a new red, white, rosé or sparkling wine to pair with your 2021 self-care hobbies, the Wines of BC Explorer app offers personalized recommendations, so whether you like to relax with a good book and a glass of bold red, pack a bottle of refreshing sparkling wine to enjoy on your hike, or unwind with rosé after yoga, you can find the best BC wine for your hobby.

Between tasty wines and these nine stimulating hobbies, "me" time has never seemed so enticing!

Learn a new language

Are you keen to learn a new language for all of those far away countries that you've added to your post-COVID bucket list? Good news: It can take as little as three weeks to learn the basics.

Whether you want to brush up on your French, learn Spanish, or challenge yourself with a harder language like Mandarin, there are tons of tools out there to help you go from the basics to fluent in no time.

Perfect that downward dog

It’s been a tough year. You’ve worked hard. You’ve set new goals. Now it’s time to get your zen on with some yoga.

There are so many videos online for yogis of all levels. There's yoga for meditation, yoga for working up a sweat, and even yoga for bedtime.

You don't need anything to start, just your body and an open mind.

Top tip: Pour yourself a glass of white wine to enjoy after your yoga sesh to keep the zen going.

Take up hiking 

We may not be able to hop on an airplane and explore the far corners of the world just yet, but that doesn't mean we can't still have adventures.

Hiking as a hobby is a great way to clear the mind, stay fit and discover hidden gems close to home. It's inexpensive too (or free if you already have a reliable pair of shoes), so you don't have to worry about using all of your hard-earned cash on getting started.

Make your own skincare products

Clean beauty is having a moment right now. If you're constantly on the hunt for natural products that are kind to your body and the earth, you might enjoy creating your own skincare.

To start, try your hand at easy DIY cosmetics like lip balm or face scrubs, and when you're ready, progress into more complicated products like deodorant and makeup remover.

When you're relaxing in the bath with a glass of Chardonnay and a fresh homemade face mask, you'll thank yourself for taking the time to invest in this new hobby.

Get creative with calligraphy

Calligraphy and hand lettering are some of the biggest creative hobbies right now.

If you're intimidated by the fancy tools needed to get started (like dip pens), don't be. The good thing about this hobby is that there is are near-endless ways to do it, and you can use virtually any type of writing or drawing utensil.

With a little bit of practice, you'll be able to create your own cards and signs, wedding invitations, and other creative projects. Bonus: you could even turn this into an income-generating side hustle!

Become a wine tasting expert

Let's face it: everyone wishes they knew a little bit more about wine. There's something inherently distinguished about being a wine expert, but with vocabulary like tannins, varietal and appellation, the idea of becoming a connoisseur can be daunting.

The good news is — depending on your level of commitment — you can become a self-proclaimed wine expert in less time than you might think. All you need is a little patience and a lot of love for wine.

And the Wines of BC Explorer app can help you forge your path to wine expertise. Take the app's taste test to discover your flavour profile, get personalized expert recommendations, and get bottles of local BC wine delivered straight to your door.

From light and refreshing rosé, sparkling and white wines, to bold and sun-ripened red wines, British Columbia wineries have something for everyone.

Master the art of apartment gardening

It's no secret that millennials are obsessed with houseplants. If, like the countless indoor jungle Instagram hashtags you scroll through, you want to fill your apartment with plants that would make the Hanging Gardens of Babylon jealous, indoor gardening might be for you.

You can start a hanging herb garden, grow your own tropical plants, or if you’d rather start simple, try nurturing a few mini succulents. Just don't start with a fiddle leaf fig tree, unless you're a pro at plant parenting.

Improve your photography game

If, like most people, your life has become one blue light blob of working on your computer and winding down by scrolling through your phone, you might want to try picking up a new hobby that doesn't involve a screen.

So go on, dust off that camera you swore you were going to use on that trip abroad and get learning! Watch YouTube videos to learn about photography basics or visit your local bookstore (online or in-person) to buy learn new tips and tricks.

There are tons of resources out there to help you understand the camera you already own, or inspire you to invest in a new one.

When the time comes for you to share the moments, memories and emotions that you’ve captured don’t forget to use #BCWineGoals in your caption. Who knows, your photo might even catch their eye and be featured on their social media.

Join (or create) a book club

Unwinding solo with a good book and a glass of cabernet merlot is a great way to relax, but sometimes you just want to share what you've read with another person — or two, or three.

Starting your own book club is an easy and rewarding endeavour that can help you stay connected and give you a sense of community, even if it's online.

Start by searching for inaugural book club members (your friends and co-workers are a good place to start) and set your group guidelines. Determine how often you'll meet, where you'll meet (Zoom, Skype and Google Duo all allow multi-user calls) and discuss what you want to get out of your book club. Then, all that's left to do is pick your book!

If you'd rather join a book club than host one yourself, ask your friends for recommendations or check out online tools like Meetup.

2021 is the time to focus on hobbies that focus on you.

Whether you decide to unwind with a good book and a glass of red, perfect your Spanish and reward yourself with rosé, or take a bottle of sparkling wine with you on a hike, Wines of British Columbia can help you find the perfect vino to pair with your 2021 hobbies.

For even more "new year, new you" inspiration and to discover your new favourite wine, visit the BC Wines website or check out their Instagram page.

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