A Guy Found Out His GF Slept With His Dad Before They Met & The Blame Game Is 'Really Tough'

One of them eventually confessed.

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An unhappy couple.

An unhappy couple.

If your divorced parent slept with someone whom you later started dating, would you want to be told about it? And if so, who should speak up?

Redditors are debating that messy question after one user confessed that this happened to him, and that it was his dad who eventually broke down and told him about it.

The user, who identified himself as a 27-year-old man, shared his story on Reddit's r/TrueOffMyChest community, where the post has piled up hundreds of comments from people trying to sort out the "really tough" situation.

The son says he lives in the same town as his dad and his parents have been divorced for a "long time." He's been with his girlfriend for two years, but his dad recently admitted to having sex with the same girl three years ago, before she met his son. This happened during one of his dad's "hookup phases" and the dad promised that it "was just a one night stand," the son wrote.

"He had debated not telling me," the son added, "which is why he didn't say anything before. But since the relationship has still been going on, he decided it was best I knew."

This particular Reddit community is more about confessing stories than about picking a villain (or a**hole), but users still rushed to the comments to dissect the guy's complicated problem.

"GF and Dad kept it from you for 2 years, that's a tough one," the top comment reads.

Another echoed the point that the girlfriend would've been keeping this silent as well.

"Messed up if she kept that from you," the user wrote. "More messed up than on your dad's end."

Another joked that she was a "sly devil" because she definitely knew, while others defended her for trying to make the best of a very difficult position.

"No it's not (difficult)," added a user in response to that comment. "Just leave the bf lmaooo the anxiety of that situation every day is insane. How do people do that? My heart rate would do me in."

Many said they would never want to know this information, while others pointed out that "technically," the dad did nothing wrong.

The original poster later showed up to confirm that his dad had pressured his girlfriend to stay quiet about it.

One user showed up in the comments with her own similarly messy story, in which she had a one-night stand with a guy and the dude ended up dating her sister a few years later.

"They get married, have a kid, all the stuff. I never mentioned a word of my previous relationship with her husband until after they were divorced," she wrote. "Some sh*t they don't need to know."

That woman's confession triggered a new wave of back-and-forth debates about the issue, but she ultimately wrapped it up by saying that neither approach is right or wrong.

"Some people would want to know (...) some would not," she wrote. "I had to decide which camp she would likely fall in (...) and I guessed right."

If a family member slept with your partner before your relationship, would you want to know?

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