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You Can Go On A Beautiful Treasure Hunt To Find $20,000 In Maine This Year

You must solve clues and riddles to find it. 💸
You Can Go On A Beautiful Treasure Hunt To Find $20,000 In Maine This Year

Calling all treasure hunters! A Maine couple is challenging anyone and everyone to solve numerous clues that lead to a $20,000 prize.

The Lincoln County News reports the hunt was created by Maine residents Kurt and Kelly Stokes, who say the treasure hunt is a celebration of the state's 200th birthday last year.

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In order to find the treasure, you must first discover the location of seven "Dirigo Stones," which, when combined, reveal the location of the $20,000 prize.

So where do you start? Well, you need to purchase a treasure hunting kit that includes a special deck of playing cards that display images of "Maine’s most beautiful places."

The kit also includes a manual explaining the four total steps of the hunt that, when completed, decipher a paragraph that reveals the location of the "Dirigo Stones," thus leading you to the treasure.

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