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This Giant Alberta Home Is So Unique That Not A Single Room Is A Normal Shape (PHOTOS)

It's made up of one but octagon and four small hexagonal log cabins!
Alberta Home For Sale Is So Unique That Not A Single Room Is A Normal Shape (PHOTOS)

Tucked away in Bragg Creek is a beautiful Alberta home for sale that is just as unique as it is charming. 

For starters, not one of the rooms is a square or a rectangle, so you'd better believe it's not like the rest.

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The log cabin-style home has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The beautiful place is named "Copperwood Haven."

The home sits atop 3.3 acres of land, and it's nestled among the mountains, forests, and babbling brooks. 

The main house is a massive octagon with four hexagonal wings coming off of it. There are tons of lounge areas and jaw-dropping kitchen space. 

Two of the wings function as a guest wing and a children's wing so everyone can have their privacy. 

All on one, sprawling storey, this place is an architectural masterpiece. 

Copperwood Haven

Price: $2,375,000

Address: West Bragg Creek, AB

Description: Just outside of Calgary, this hidden oasis is perfect for those who love cabin living with a whole lot of luxury.

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