KFC Just Fired Another Shot In The Chicken War & Their New Sandwich Is Only $2 Right Now

They air dropped coupons to Popeyes customers! 👀

Last updated : 16/09/2020 @ 12:42 PM

The great Canadian chicken war continues. In what seems to be another shot at Popeyes' launch of their iconic sandwich in Canada, KFC's Famous Chicken Sandwich is only $2 across the country right now. 

According to the restaurant's website, this is a limited time offer; however, there are no details about when it ends online. You can only add one discounted item per order. 

A deal on its own isn't that bad but it turns out KFC has been doing battle in other ways. 

A customer on Twitter shared an image of a coupon for the $2 sandwich which he says he received via AirDrop while waiting in line at a Toronto Popeyes

He says it actually prompted him to leave the store and go to KFC instead. 

The chicken chain seemed to confirm the not so subtle attack by retweeting the post and saying it was the tastiest decision the customer ever made. 

Both restaurants have released nearly identical new sandwiches in the past week. 


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