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A Chicken War Is Brewing In Canada With Popeyes & KFC Launching Identical New Sandwiches

Its the battle of the buns. Popeye's chicken sandwich is coming to Canada but they aren't the only horse in the race. KFC is also launching a new menu item that is very similar to Popeyes' product. 

The Louisiana chicken chain is bringing its super popular famous chicken sandwich to Canadians on September 14.

Its arrival is so highly anticipated that they were even holding an exclusive pre-launch on September 12 and only people who were on a special list could try it. 

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But it turns out that's not the only option available. 

On September 7, just one week before Popeyes' drop, KFC released their own "famous chicken sandwich." 

The similarities between the two lunch treats are unbelievable. 

Both have crispy, fried chicken (of course), some kind of white sauce on both the top and bottom buns, and pickles. 

As if that was enough, both chains have a spicy version of their new sandwiches for anyone that wants to kick the heat up a notch. 

While this could all be a creepy coincidence, recent tweets from the KFC Canada account suggest they knew exactly what they were doing. 

"When we hear about a certain “famous” chicken sandwich, we wonder - is it really famous at all?" they put out on August 31. 

KFC followed up with an open letter to "set the record straight."

"Our fried chicken has been putting the original in Original Recipe for over 75 years. It’s why everyone knows what our 11 herbs and spices are without knowing what our 11 herbs and spices are," they said.

"So when we hear about a certain famous chicken sandwich we wonder is it really even famous at all because you can’t have a famous chicken sandwich without famous chicken," the letter concluded. 

Popeyes hasn't responded directly to the other chicken chain, but they did retweet a fan of theirs who praised their new sandwich in response to the KFC tweet. 

The only way to truly settle this war will be for Canadians to try both of the new products for themselves.

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