The world-renowned Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the High Museum of Art definitely drew a crowd. Although it may be missed, there are still plenty of mind-blowing exhibits to experience here, including a new interactive art installation in Atlanta. It's a massive masterpiece right outside the High Museum and it's perfect for swinging and snoozing.

The High Museum of Art is perhaps Atlanta's most admired museum, displaying some of the most unique works of art in the world. The art-lovers' paradise continues to amaze curious gawkers with all-new additions, including "Murmuration."

Murmuration, which made its Atlanta debut in July, is an eloquent structure that is set apart from other installations because it's actually presented outdoors. Right in front of the notorious museum stands a bright blue cluster of netted, tent-like formations. 

One could argue that it resembles an adult-sized jungle gym. Although you may have to resist the urge to climb about the mesh canopy, you can lounge underneath it in the hammocks and swing chairs now through Nov. 29. 

The aesthetically pleasing design was created by a Brooklyn-based architectural firm called  Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu, AKA SO – IL. Just like much of the art in the museum, there is a wealth of significance surrounding this piece.

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According to the High Museum's website, the 2,350-square-foot pavilion is comprised of agricultural netting suspended on steel frames.

It was created to elicit Atlanta's reputation as the "city in the forest," upheld by the beautiful trees and green space in and around the city.

An additional purpose of the design is to shed light on biodiversity, extinction and cohabitation, specifically for birds.

It's even equipped with perches and feeding stations and invites guests to co-exist with the birds in its human "nests." 

Instead of laying out your blanket for a nap in Piedmont Park, why not get comfy in this massive lounge area at the museum?

General admission costs only $14.50 so you can explore what's inside while you're at it. 

Murmuration At High Museum Of Art

Price: $14.50

When: Through Nov. 29

Address: 1280 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, GA

Why You Need To Go: Get comfy in a massive canopy with hammocks and swing chairs.