You Can Soon Live In A Surprisingly Gorgeous 3D Printed Home In Austin (PHOTOS)

The future is officially HERE 🏠
You Can Soon Live In A Surprisingly Gorgeous 3D Printed Home In Austin (PHOTOS)

The capital of Texas has been booming for years, and now the boom will only continue with 3D printed homes coming to Austin.

A company known as ICON is bringing these futuristic homes to Austin, and they're shockingly beautiful.

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2,000 square feet Home size 

The company uses a large-scale 3D printer known as the Vulcan, which uses a material known as "Lavacrete" to build the 2,000-square-foot homes.

While the homes are not too big in size, they are truly gorgeous with very futuristic looks that are perfect for someone looking for a new style of living in one of the most unique places in the world.

ICON has made a goal of providing affordable, sustainable, and available homes to everyone in the country, as they believe modern homes are no longer affordable for the average person.

It is not yet known exactly how much the homes will be or when they will be available for purchase, but it's safe to say that they will be affordable and are truly something straight out of the future.

"We are passionate about advancing the state of home construction because the issues we are working on are significant," reads the company website, "Our technology enables more shelter for more people in a time when we need it most."

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