Ben & Jessica Mulroney's Relationship Timeline Starts When They Were Just Teenagers

True love conquers all!
Ben & Jessica Mulroney

Ah, young love. Canadian couple Ben and Jessica Mulroney have been stirring up something of a media frenzy lately, and not necessarily for good reasons. Despite his wife’s ongoing white privilege scandal, it looks like Ben is sticking by her side just like he has for years.

According to Toronto Life, Ben actually met his future wife at a party when she was just 15 and he was 17. At the time, Jessica was a friend of Ben’s brother, Mark.

Despite thinking that she was “the most beautiful girl he had ever seen”, nothing transpired between the two at the time and Ben went off to pursue his post-secondary education.

As fate would have it, Ben ended up working in the entertainment industry, rather than pursuing law as his parents had hoped.

Toronto Life reports that back in 2007, Ben was on a break from filming Canadian Idol while in Montreal, and decided to shoot his shot with his crush from a decade prior.

Jessica agreed to go on a date with Ben, and the duo headed out for a night of sushi and karaoke, during which Ben performed “New York, New York.”

Despite acting embarrassed during the show, Jessica was charmed — and she wasn’t the only one.

“I knew about halfway through the date that we would eventually get married,” Ben said in an interview with Trnto.

As per Toronto Life, the nine months following that first date were a whirlwind, with Jessica tagging along on the Idol tour, or Ben staying at her Montreal apartment.

During a date night at the Westmont diner Chez Nick, a place they both frequented with their families as children, Ben proposed with a diamond ring that his mother helped pick out.

As one might expect, the couple’s wedding was a grand affair, spanning over three days with hundreds of guests.

Toronto Life reports that just a year into their marriage, they were named honorary co-chairs of the annual Innovators’ Ball, and were regularly walking red carpets together.

In 2010, the Mulroneys welcomed their first additions — twin boys, Brian and John. Just three years later, their daughter Ivy was born.

In more recent days, Mrs. Mulroney has found herself in hot water for an incident with Black Canadian fashion blogger, Sasha Exeter.

After several days of silence, Ben stuck faithfully by his wife’s side, revealing that he would be stepping down from his anchor role on etalk to allow for new voices and perspectives to be heard. Looks like true love really does conquer all!

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