The Best Student Cities In The World Were Ranked & A Bunch Of Canadian Spots Made The Cut

Rent, cost of living and the places where you can get food were all factors.

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The Best Student Cities In The World Were Ranked & A Bunch Of Canadian Spots Made The Cut

There are lots of places across the country with post-secondary schools and some are far better than others, according to a new ranking of the best student cities in the world.

Studee, a company that helps students find their perfect post-secondary school, released its Student Cities Index for 2021, which ranks cities based on rent, cost of living, price of a MacBook, internet speed, percentage of young people, number of high-ranking universities, places for food, safety and free speech.

Quebec City was the highest-ranking spot in Canada, taking fourth place because it scored well in almost all the categories, including the cheap cost of a MacBook, rent and safety. It also has two high-ranking universities.

In sixth place was Montreal, and Studee said the city's affordable rent, below-average cost of living and three high-ranking post-secondary schools make it a great place to be a student.

Vancouver took the 20th spot in this 100-city ranking, with an average rent of over $2,000, cost of living at $1,150 and two top universities. Just one spot below Vancouver was Toronto in 21st place, with average rent at almost $2,000, cost of living at more than $1,200 and three high-ranking universities.

The last Canadian city in the ranking was Ottawa in 22nd place. It has an average rent of just over $1,600, a cost of living at almost $1,200 and two high-ranking universities.

All of the Canadian cities that made the cut in the Student Cities Index for 2021 also scored highly in the free speech category.

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