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A new global list that features the best cities in Canada for students in 2022 was just released, and not only does it rank how great the universities and colleges are in those locations but it even shows how affordable the places are.

The QS Best Student Cities ranking is about which places around the world are the top spots to live and study based on a bunch of factors — like the desirability of the location, employment opportunities, opinions of current students and affordability.

Affordability takes into account tuition fees at schools in the city, retail prices, the price of an iPad in the country, and the cost of living. Montreal, which is the highest-ranked Canadian city and tied for ninth place overall, has the best affordability score of the six Canadian spots on the list with 58.6 out of 100.

While the city scored highly overall and landed in the 13th spot, Toronto's affordability is the lowest in Canada with a score of only 39.5 in this ranking. Vancouver was ranked 18th overall with a score of 40.1 for affordability.

Ottawa is tied for 53rd place but its affordability is rated at 52.7. Despite being the lowest ranking Canadian location (it's tied for the 113th spot), Quebec City is actually second best when it comes to how affordable it is to live there with a score of 57.7.

Along with making this list of the top places for students to study, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are also home to the three richest universities in Canada.

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