Canada's Cost Of Living Is Under $45K In Each Major City But That's For Just 1 Person

Though you probably still have to make way more than that.
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Cost Of Living In Canada In These Major Cities Are All Below $45K

It's not that easy to get by. The cost of living in Canada can be pretty pricey in some of the country's major cities so how much money you make really matters. That's especially true in more populated cities and the territories. 

The cost of living is how much money it takes for someone to keep up a certain standard of living and is usually measured by figuring out the costs of goods and services.

That includes things like housing, food and transportation.

However, if you want to actually save some money from each of your paycheques, you'll need to make more than what you need for just the cost of living.

When it comes to how much people make, the minimum wage varies across the country from province to province to territory.

Currently, Nunavut has the highest one at $16 an hour.

B.C. saw an increase in June to $14.60 but the Living Wage for Families Campaign said that the change is still not a living wage that reflects the cost of living.

According to Expatistan, a database of these costs, here is the cost of living for 12 major cities in Canada when it comes to a single person living on their own.


In Vancouver, the average cost of living per month is $3,439 and for the entire year, it's $41,268.

With this high cost, a start-up in B.C. is helping people out and allowing them to buy part-ownership of some properties as shares for as low as $1. Each investor will get a portion of the rent.


Whitehorse actually has a cost of living that's higher than major cities in eight provinces. Per month it's $2,684 and per year that's $32,208.


It costs $3,175 per month and $38,100 to keep a certain standard of living in Yellowknife.

That's only beat out by Vancouver and Toronto as far as the most expensive places go.


For the Albertan city, the cost of living is $2,403 a month and $28,836 a year.

Currently, the minimum wage in the province is $15 an hour but Premier Jason Kenney wouldn't confirm if his government would keep it at that rate or slash it.


For Regina, the cost of living per month is $2,287 and per year it's $27,444. That's not the cheapest in the country but it's certainly not the most expensive either.


For people living in Winnipeg, it costs $2,220 per month to keep up a certain standard of living and that adds up to $26,640 for the year.


Hats off to Toronto, but not in a good way, for being the major city in Canada with the highest cost of living according to Expatistan. It's $3,722 per month and $44,664 per year.

To be considered middle class in the city, a single person would have to make $135,000 before taxes.


Montreal has a cost of living considerably lower than the capital city of its neighbouring province. It's $2,319 a month and $27,828 a year there.


Moncton has the honour of being the major city with the lowest cost of living in Canada at $1,923 per month and $23,076 per year.


In Halifax, to keep a certain standard of living people need to make at least $2,339 a month and $28,068 a year.

That's the highest in Atlantic Canada but still low when it comes to the entire country.


For the capital of P.E.I., the average cost of living per month is $2,088 and for the entire year, it's $25,056.

St. John's

Finally, on Canada's east coast, the cost of living is $2,316 per month and $27,792 per year in St. John's. Not the best, but not the worst either.

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