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Students Want To Study In Canada So Much That It's The Most Searched Country Worldwide

A report has found that Canada is the most sought after country to study in. 🎓

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Students Want To Study In Canada So Much That It's The Most Searched Country Worldwide

Canada is the most desirable country for students around the world to study in, according to new research.

Financial services provider Remitly used Google search data to analyze where students in over 160 countries are searching to go university and it found that Canada was favoured by "a staggering total of 36 different nationalities" thanks to its top-rated universities, friendly locals, cost-effective fees and iconic scenery.

According to the report, Canada was a "clear favourite" for students in countries like France, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, among others.

Spain took the second spot as the most popular study destination for 13 other countries including the U.S., Argentina and Chile. England came in third place, thanks in part to prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

While students from all over the world are searching for Canadian universities, students in Canada are apparently looking to study elsewhere. The report found that Canadians are most interested in an education in France, which could be due to the language similarities between the two countries or because students want to experience European culture.

When it comes to the most popular post-secondary schools, Remitly revealed that Harvard University is the world's most-searched spot. The University of Toronto also ranked in the top 10, taking seventh place overall.

It turns out that Canada is actually a pretty great place to study as a bunch of the country's cities were named the best student cities in the world and its universities have some of the most employable graduates globally!

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