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Bindi Irwin Just Recreated A Photo Of Her Parents In The Most Heartwarming Tribute (PHOTO)

These pregnancy pics will make your heart explode!
Bindi Irwin Steve Irwin Chandler Powell Pregnancy Photos

Bindi Irwin and her husband, Chander Powell, just shared the most adorable pictures recreating one of her parents' pregnancy photos. 

Irwin often pays tribute to her late and great father, Steve Irwin, in her social media posts, but this one might just take the cake. 

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Irwin, who is now in her third trimester, announced to the world back in August that she and Powell were expecting their first child together. 

The couple tied the knot with a small, private ceremony in their home country of Australia back on March 25, 2020. 

Five months later, Irwin and Powell revealed that she was pregnant in equally adorable photos. 

Millions follow the couple's love story on social media and the world absolutely lost it when they broke the heartwarming news.

Irwin and Powell have both been very open about their relationship, regularly sharing updates and cute pics that put a smile on all of our faces. 

Over the months, we've been able to watch Irwins's pregnancy journey, and now that she's in her final trimester, people are on their toes to meet baby Irwin, and this photo just made all of our hearts explode. 

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