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Boston's Famous Skinny House Just Sold For $1.25 Million & It's Super Narrow Inside (PHOTOS)
Courtesy of CL Properties/Atlantic Visuals

You can't put a price on revenge, except in today's housing market, where someone just paid an eye-popping US$1.25 million for a 10-foot-wide "spite" home in Boston.

The so-called "Skinny House" is a big tourist attraction in Boston's North End, where a Civil War vet supposedly built it to spite his brother during a real estate dispute in the 1860s, The Associated Press reports.

The house is only 10 feet wide, with an alleyway entrance and a grand total of 1,165 square feet inside, according to the real estate listing. Bostonians have been building micro-homes since before it was cool and they did a good job in this case, with hardwood floors throughout and exposed brick walls on every floor.

Boston Skinny House exterior front photo Courtesy of CL Properties/Atlantic Visuals

The multi-floor layout takes "cozy" to a new level, with long, narrow rooms and a tight series of staircases.

Boston Skinny House interior Courtesy of CL Properties/Atlantic Visuals

The home offers "a unique floor plan, manicured gardens and a private roof deck with unobstructed harbor and city views," CL Properties writes in the listing.

Boston Skinny House rooftop deck Courtesy of CL Properties/Atlantic Visuals

The master bedroom is just below the rooftop deck, and the stairs are right in front of the bed.

Boston Skinny House master bedroom photo Courtesy of CL Properties/Atlantic Visuals

The Skinny House includes two bedrooms, one bathroom and space-saving design solutions such as bunk beds.

Boston Skinny House bunk photo Courtesy of CL Properties/Atlantic Visuals

It also features a "full-size kitchen" according to the listing, but you can be the judge of that.

Boston Skinny House kitchen photo Courtesy of CL Properties/Atlantic Visuals

The blue-tiled bathroom is just as tight as the rest of the house, but they somehow found a way to squeeze in a tub instead of going for a shower.

Boston Skinny House bathroom photo Courtesy of CL Properties/Atlantic Visuals

A plaque out front says the home was built in 1862, and local legend says it was built entirely out of wood, bricks and spite.

Boston Skinny House Spite House Courtesy of CL Properties/Atlantic Visuals

Two brothers originally inherited the property, but one went off to the Civil War and the other built a big house on their shared plot, according to the legend. The second brother apparently came back from the war and discovered that most of his land had been taken.

But he didn't give it up. Instead, he built his 10-foot-wide house on the edge of the property, and he built it tall enough so that he'd block out his brother's sunlight.

The brothers are both long-dead, but their petty fight will live on with the new owners of the delightful Skinny Spite House.

Skinny House

Sold Price: $1,250,000

Address: 44 Hull St., Boston, MA

Description: A skinny century home with a stunning upper deck.

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