This Skinny Toronto House Is Listed For Almost $2M & Has A Toilet In The Bedroom

It's getting absolutely roasted online. 👀

Toronto home with toliet in bedroom.

Toronto home with toliet in bedroom.

Keven Trudel, Real Estate Bay Realty

Getting up to pee in the middle of the night is a universal issue, and this Toronto home may have the solution.

If you have about $2 million to spare, you could become the owner of a unique property that happens to have a toilet in one of its bedrooms.

138 Street Clarens Ave. in Toronto is a three-storey detached home that recently went on the market for $1,950,000.

Front door of home.Front door of home.Keven Trudel, Real Estate Bay Realty

Keven Trudel of Real Estate Bay Realty told Narcity that they utilized two TikTokers to help draw attention to the property – and it seems their plan worked.

One of the TikTok videos touring one of the property suites, which features the open washroom concept, received a lot of attention online with over 159K likes and 2.5 million views.

Commenters were quick to point out the elephant, or should we say, john, in the room.

Bedroom with toliet inside.Bedroom with toliet inside.Keven Trudel, Real Estate Bay Realty

"Did I see that right or is the washroom IN the bedroom?" wrote one TikTok user.

Another commented, "I think everybody is missing the point that there is a WHOLE BATHROOM in the bedroom."

"Prisoners have the same toilet set up," wrote another.

Trudel explained that the house had originally been designed and built by the owner, who had used it as a place to stay in Toronto while visiting his parents.

Stairs and hallway.Stairs and hallway.Keven Trudel, Real Estate Bay Realty

"The original plan was to close off the washroom, but he just decided to leave it open because he was by himself and had no intent to sell it. But things have changed," said Trudel.

"It does make people talk quite a bit," he acknowledged.

If the washroom is a deal breaker for you on this one, you're in luck because Trudel said the owner would close off the bathroom if the buyer wanted.

Living room.Living room.Keven Trudel, Real Estate Bay Realty

The Little Portugal home has two bedrooms (one below-grade bedroom), and four bathrooms and is set up as three residential units. Coming to a total of 1,693 square feet in living space, according to the listing.

Although you'll have to be okay with small spaces because this home is quite narrow. But on the bright side, it has a balcony patio so you can enjoy some fresh air.

Outdoor patio.Outdoor patio.Keven Trudel, Real Estate Bay Realty

Trudel said that some people don't understand that the property isn't meant to be a single-family home but an "investment property" with long-term tenants and rental opportunities.

So if you're looking to dive into the property business, this strange home may be your ticket in.

Narrow home in Toronto

Exterior shot of home.

Exterior shot of home.

Keven Trudel, Real Estate Bay Realty

Price: $1,950,000

Address: 138 Street Clarens Ave., Toronto, ON


This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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