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A Tiny Piece Of Toronto Land Is On Sale For Almost $50K & It's Less Than A Foot Wide

Offers have already been made.

Toronto Staff Writer
A Tiny Piece Of Toronto Land Is On Sale For Almost $50K & It's Less Than A Foot Wide

If you've always wanted to invest in Toronto but your pockets aren't quite deep enough for a condo, this tiny portion of land on the Danforth could be your next big investment.

Last week, a strip of land barely big enough to house Stuart Little waslisted for $49,999, and Toronto real estate agent Anthony De Cesare told Narcity it has already received two offers.

Anthony De Cesare

The 1060 Danforth Ave. property is less than a foot wide and sits at 0.75 x 105 feet. It is wedged between a pharmacy and a church.80u

De Cesare says he doesn't know what a person could do with the property other than hold onto it, wait for a developer or neighbouring business to snap it up or use it for advertising.

Anthony De Cesare

Despite the listed size of the property, De Cesare says he's been fielding dozens of calls from people asking if they could build a house, store their cars, or build on the slim lot due to confusion surrounding its size.

"I was getting 10 to 15 calls a day, all the same question, 'Can I build there? Can I build a house? Can I build a building?' One guy asked if he could store his RV there."

"I have to explain to everyone that it's less than one foot," he says. "I don't want to mislead anyone."

His client, Carlo Scarcello, a local deli owner, bought the property in 2013 at a City of Toronto auction for $5,000 and could have tripled his investment after receiving a $15,000 offer, however according to De Cesare, he is holding out for a better price.

De Cesare says Scarcello is looking to use the money to buy a new car, and while he is flexible on the price, he wasn't willing to sell the lot for $15,000 because that amount of money "won't change anything" for him.

    Brooke Houghton
    Toronto Staff Writer
    Brooke Houghton is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Ontario Desk focused on celebrity news and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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