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'Bunny Hug' Season In Canada Is Officially Here & It’s Not What You Think

Prepare to get snuggly! It's officially bunny hug season in Canada and there’s no better time to get cozy.

Before you run for your neighbour's rabbit, be warned that bunny hug season doesn’t actually involve bunnies … or hugging for that matter.

According to basically everyone in Saskatchewan, the term actually refers to a “hoodie” – or any sweater that has a front pocket and a hood.

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While the term isn't widely used in Canada, let alone the world, asking about its meaning is the perfect way to find out who's a true Saskatchewanian!

Global News reports that this phrase has been around since the late 1970s, and possibly comes from teens in the era when that type of garment became popular.

Bunny hug season refers to the time of year when it’s just cold enough to start snuggling up in hooded sweaters again. Lovely!

While, sadly, there are no rabbit cuddles involved in this quirky tradition — the sweater thing is pretty cute, too!

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