Canadians love their donuts and they're not afraid to show it. Just when you thought that you've tried all the possible variations on the traditional donut, there comes a new twist to blow your mind. Amaido Cafe in Calgary is selling donuts made out of rice flour and you'll have a whole new appreciation for these sugary creations. 

The donuts that the Amaido Cafe specializes in are called "mochi donuts."

These are traditionally made with a base of rice flour. The ingredient and the baking process gives these donuts a soft and chewy texture. So you're essentially eating the dessert version of a gooey mozzarella stick. 

Tell us your mouth isn't watering. 

Another thing Amaido Cafe does a bit differently is that they basically combine eight mini-donut balls to make them into a super Mochi donut. 

So what you end up with is an unconventional but incredible final product that's shaped like a flower. 

Plus the flavours are so epic, too. The traditional box-of-six flavours include cinnamon sugar, cookies and cream, chocolate, sesame, matcha, and white rabbit. 

So you have a good mix of classic flavours that we all know and love but also hot new offerings that we're really starting to get into.

Other flavours that the cafe has served include matcha mango, lychee jasmine, pandan caramel, Thai tea and more, as seen on their Instagram page

In terms of the prices, a box of six is $15.

Right now, Amaido is only doing pre-orders and takeout, but their dine-in services are set to resume shortly. You need to keep an eye on their social media to get the update. 

If you want a beverage to wash down with the donuts, they also serve up different types of iced tea. 

Some flavours include Strawberry Passionfruit, Rose Passion, and Rasberry Lavender. All of them are Jasmine iced tea. They're $5 each. 

So if you're a Calgarian with a sweet tooth or someone who's on a mission to try every single type of donut that's ever been made, you know where to go for your next fill. 

Mochi Donuts At Amaido Cafe

Price: $15 for a box of six

Cuisine: Donuts

Address: 105- 128 2 Ave., S.E., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: To get your hands on donuts made out of rice flour that're just soft and chewy enough to send you to dessert heaven.