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The Dole Whip At Alberta's Inglewood Drive-In Tastes Like Summer

Perfect on a hot day. 🍍🍦

On a scorching hot day, there is no tastier way to cool down than with some ice cream. If you are looking for the ultimate cheap eats that will keep you chilled, then we got you covered. There's a Calgary drive-in with a famous Dole whip dessert you need to try because every bite tastes like summer.

A cone of Dole whip is so popular these days. You'll find the trendy dessert all over Instagram with people raving about the creamy soft-serve with a tart pineapple flavour.

Here in Calgary, you can try it at Inglewood Drive-In known for making tasty treats so cheap you'll keep coming back.

If you've never tried it before, you are seriously missing out. For all of you who love piña coladas, this will quickly become your favourite frozen treat.

It's a creamy soft-serve with a tangy pineapple flavour and the perfect balance between sweet and tart.

The small is just $2.59, and the large is $3.09 regular price. There isn't much these days you can get for under three dollars, but you can enjoy sunshine in ice cream form.

Sometimes, the dole whip will be on special and you can get a small for $0.99!

When ordering, you have the choice of getting it in a cone or a bowl.

For all you chocoholics you can pay an extra $0.30 to get it dipped in a chocolate coating.

Inglewood Drive-In is your spot for classic diner food. You can also get juicy angus beef burgers loaded with toppings, creamy milkshakes, and so much more.

Currently, they are closed for dine-in, but you can get your food to go. The takeout window is open, so you can drive up and spoil yourself with a sugary treat whenever you want.

It is time you find out why this pineapple soft serve is so popular. Today calls for ice cream with your BFF.

Inglewood Drive-In

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Diner

Address: 802 12 St. S.E., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: You can get a Dole whip cone for super cheap.