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A Calgary Restaurant Was Closed Down Due To A 'Significant Cockroach Infestation'

The manager says they're working on the problem.

Calgary Staff Writer
The Pig & Duke entrance. Right: A closed sign.

The Pig & Duke entrance. Right: A closed sign.

A Calgary pub and restaurant has been temporarily closed after "multiple live cockroaches" were found on the premises during an Alberta Health Services inspection.

The Pig & Duke Neighbourhood Pub location at 12 Avenue S.W. was ordered to temporarily close down by AHS after inspectors found cockroaches in food preparation areas, among other Public Health Act violations.

In the closure order issued on September 7, AHS said there was "evidence of a significant cockroach infestation" on the floors, walls and ceiling tiles of the back food preparation area at the restaurant.

"Multiple live cockroaches" were noticed when trapping devices were moved, the order said.

Other violations were noted in the report, including a buildup of food debris and grease in some hard-to-reach areas and under cooking equipment in the main kitchen line and the restaurant's back preparation area.

Pest control reports were also not available on-site for inspectors to review.

AHS said the issues at the restaurant could become "injurious or dangerous to the public health."

The Pig & Duke has been ordered to work with a professional pest control company to eradicate the cockroaches and implement control measures to avoid any future infestations. Documentation to prove the work has been carried out needs to be submitted to AHS.

It added that until work is completed to fix the issues to the satisfaction of the AHS executive officer, the location will need to remain closed.

Jamie Taylor, general manager at Pig & Duke, told Narcity the cockroach issue stemmed from the garage room and chute in the apartment building that the restaurant resides under.

Taylor said the pest issue in the building began in January, and the restaurant became affected this summer "despite all efforts."

Taylor said the restaurant is "taking all steps to eradicate the pests," and they hope to be back open soon.

The owners of the apartment building told Narcity there had been pest control contractors in the building over the past few months, and added that several pest control reports in August had shown that the building lobby and garbage area "were clear of any pests."

"The restaurant is responsible for taking care of their own pest control," they added.

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