It’s always smart to keep your eye on the housing market. Even if you think you’re not going to buy anything anytime soon, every once in awhile a cheap home comes along that's too cute to avoid. The latest cheap Calgary home for sale is super retro and not expensive at all.

While it’s fun to look at the most luxurious houses in Calgary, we need to be a bit more realistic if we're going to buy something. 

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Even though you could purchase an entire private island for relatively cheap, we recommend starting smaller.

We found an adorable home in Calgary that's the perfect size for a starter home and it’s only $269,888. 

This four bedroom two bathroom home is located right in Calgary so you don’t have to worry about commuting from a small surrounding town. 

It’s tiny and quaint, coming in at 954 square feet. Honestly, what more could you need?

The price tag is too good to overlook and as long as you’re okay with retro, then this could be the place for you.

Joe Thomson | RE/MAX

The main floor has three bedrooms and has a massive living room that's perfect for all your wine night and BFF get-togethers. 

The kitchen is a decent size and there’s more than enough space for all our belongings. 

It’s a totally nostalgic style kitchen with adorable wallpaper and backsplash and white cabinets. 

But the real old school style is in the basement. 

Joe Thomson | RE/MAX

Equipped with shag rugs, unique wall paper, and a wood bar, this place screams 70s house party. 

You’ll be saving a lot of money by purchasing this place so if you wanted to relocate some of your funds into renovating and making it more modern, it’s totally doable. 

Joe Thomson | RE/MAX

But if you love the style, then a quick trip to a local antique store will really make this place and all its retro accents pop. 

Even the outside of the house is unique as it’s a vibrant, 70s prom suit blue. 

Joe Thomson | RE/MAX

You can paint it if you want once it’s yours but honestly, no one will ever get lost coming over to visit as it's a vibrant landmark. 

If you need a little extra room, there’s a lot of space in the back yard to build a double garage. 

Or you can always fill the area with adorable patio furniture so you and your friends have somewhere to chill during the summer months. 

This pad is definitely one of the cheaper homes in the city and that’s something we can get behind. 

Dover Meadow Home

Price: $269,999

Address: 39 Dover Meadow Close S.E., Calgary, AB

Description: The perfect starter home at the best price. 

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