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These Affordable Houses Just Outside Of Calgary Are The Perfect Starter Homes

Living in the city has its benefits but it can be expensive. Smaller communities just outside of big hubs often have all the things you need and they tend to be cheaper to live in. This is why we found you a whole list of homes outside of Calgary that are perfect if you’re looking for a starter house. These places have all the space you need and you won't have to pay your entire life savings to make a down deposit. 

Owning a home doesn't have to seem like an impossible and stressful task. Especially if you look into moving just outside of bigger cities. 

There are tons of little towns and communities outside of Calgary that make for the perfect place to live. 

Often times, these smaller towns have cheaper houses which are perfect you are a first-time homeowner or just looking to save a little money on your investment. 

We did a little digging around and found a bunch of homes that are super close to Calgary and are surprisingly cheap

Nothing on the list is over $500,000 which might look a little more attractive than the million-dollar pricetags we're used to seeing. 

Each house is different and offers a little something special. From massive yards to places with unfinished spaces just waiting to be designed, you are bound to fall in love with at least one of these homes.

1922 B 29 Avenue 

Price: $195,000

Address: 1922 B 29 Ave., Nanton, AB

Description: This semi-detached two-level home has a gorgeous view of the mountains and it's calling your name. The basement is partially finished but with a little elbow grease, it can turn into anything.

[image 5ebdc57edee22740e2b08b80]

2000 31 Avenue 

Price: $310,000

Address: 2000 31 Ave. Nanton, AB

Description: The perfect starter home. This open concept living space is super warm and welcoming. It’s not massive which is ideal when it comes time to clean.

[image 5ebdc64fdee22740e2b08b84]

48 Reunion Loop

Price: $339,900

Address: 48 Reunion Loop N.W., Airdrie, AB

Description: This brand new home has a sleek interior that's just waiting for your personal interior-design touch. With three bedrooms and two full bathrooms, you have all the space you need without the hustle and bustle of living right in Calgary.

[image 5ebdc88fcc84b640dc4cf312]

914 16 Street

Price: $339,900

Address: 914 16 St. S.E., High River, AB

Description: The layout and design of this home are totally '70s with a modern twist. With a large island, eating bar, and nook that overlooks the yard, the kitchen is definitely the main attraction so it would be best for someone that loves to cook or host.

[image 5ebdccc6cc84b640dc4cf33a]

1047 Creek Springs Rise

Price: $349,900

Address: 1047 Creek Springs Rise N.W., Airdrie, AB

Description: The layout in this house is a little different than most homes which makes it super fun. The living room is on the main floor while the kitchen and dining area are upstairs. There is also an additional living room in the basement with bedrooms.

[image 5ebdcde6dee22740e2b08bc0]

2007 30 Avenue 

Price: $349,000

Address: 2007 30 Ave., Nanton, AB

Description: Bright and airy, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom home was designed to be your “forever home” with custom-built accessories. You won't even have to worry about landscaping or snow removal as those services come with the home.

[image 5ebdcef7dee22740e2b08bcc]

174 Osborne Rise

Price: $349,900

Address: 172 Osborne Rise S.W., Airdrie, AB

Description: We hope you like self-care because the bathroom in this house has a massive soaker tub. Once you’re done, you can lay in front of the fireplace and waste away the evening. Sounds ideal to us.

[image 5ebdcfafcc84b640dc4cf35a]

1215 Thornburn Drive

Price: $345,000

Address: 1215 Thornburn Dr. S.E., Airdrie, AB

Description: You will always have natural light in this house thanks to the massive windows. Equipped with a patio, large living room, and an even bigger rec room, there is tons of space to utilize.

[image 5ebdd3718bf6ec40da715d4e]

140 Fireside Way 

Price: $377,900

Address: 140 Fireside Way, Cochrane, AB

Description: Calling all chefs. This home has your dream kitchen with a massive breakfast island bar, large pantry, granite countertops, ample appliance space, and a clear view of the living room so you can see everyone you’re cooking for.

[image 5ebdd3ff8bf6ec40da715d4f]

649 Country Meadows Close

Price: $349,900

Address: 649 Country Meadows Close N.W., Turner Valley, AB

Description: It may look like an older home but it’s completely redone. All the landscaping is already finished for you which means you don’t need to do any upgrades.

[image 5ebdcb788bf6ec40da715d04]

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