This New 'Enchanted Garden' Restaurant In Calgary Is Dripping With Diamonds

Thirty chandeliers inside make it feel like it's raining gems. 💧
New Restaurant In Calgary Is An Enchanted Garden Dripping With Diamonds

Calling all plant-parents! There's a new restaurant in Calgary that feels like you're eating in an enchanted garden.

Orchard Restaurant's new magical space is filled with 100 plants, they told Narcity.

They were going for Mediterranean villa vibes inside and strung up dozens of chandeliers that make it feel like it's dripping diamonds inside.

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The high ceilings and giant windows mean their plants can flourish and you won't even notice it's below zero outside when you're surrounded by them.

Beneath the canopy of leafy greenery and glittering glass, their menu is full of classics with an Asian-inspired twist.

For example, their Linguine Vongole, an Italian pasta dish with clams, is dusted with Japanese bonito flakes.

The Beltline restaurant is open now from Tuesdays to Sundays from 11 a.m. until late.

Inside, it barely feels like you're still in Alberta and you'll feel transported to Europe for a romantic meal.

Orchard Restaurant

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Address: 620 10 Ave. SW #134, Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: Your date will be super impressed by this gorgeous new space filled with dripping gem chandeliers and plants.