This Daring Alberta Hike Leads To A Sky-High Mountain Suspension Bridge

Only the brave can cross it!
Suspension Bridge In Alberta Will Take You To A Sky-high Trail
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Elevate your next adventure. Time to get outdoors, but you don't need to stick to the flat forest paths. Instead, this hike will take you to a sky-high mountain suspension bridge in Alberta.

Blackshale Suspension Bridge is in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. Only an hour and 30 minutes southwest of Calgary, it is perfect for a short road trip.

Within the park, there is a mix of terrains with spectacular scenery. You can visit bright blue lakes, rugged mountain lookouts, and so much more.

But one spot you won't want to miss is crossing the gigantic suspension bridge.

To find it, park at the Black Prince parking lot. Come up out of the lot and cross the Spray Trail to the other side of the road. The connector trailhead is right there and it takes about 45 minutes to reach the bridge.

It is a 7.1-kilometre trek and while it might sound long, it is a remarkably easy route that even new hikers can quickly complete.

Just make sure you make necessary preparations, like having the path on GPS, wearing flat shoes, and bringing a water bottle. You'll also want to check the park's website to check the status of the trails in the area before you depart.

From the day area, you'll follow a flat path for most of the way before entering a dense evergreen forest with towering trees.

Crossing the suspension bridge is sure to give you a thrill whether you are afraid of heights or not. Peering over the railing, you'll notice just how far up you are.

Thankfully, it is very safe and the railings are high up. So there is no need to worry about falling, but if you suffer from vertigo, you shouldn't look below your feet.

Are you brave enough to cross? Time to test your courage and visit this spot with your BFF to find out.

Blackshale Suspension Bridge

Address: Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, AB

Why You Need To Go: Reach new heights at this hidden gem suspension bridge.

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Stephanie White
Staff Writer