If you've been itching for a nature getaway, you've come to the right place. There's a secret pond hidden in the heart of Kananaskis Country, Alberta, and it will take you barely any effort to get there. Wedge Pond should be on your radar if you've been wanting to explore some spectacular fall scenes. 

Wedge Pond is located in Spray Valley Provincial Park. The entire park is packed with staggering attractions end-to-end, so feel free to include other wonders in your day trip. 

The drive to the trailhead is just above an hour from downtown Calgary. With such a short drive and such mind-blowing scenery, you will basically want to venture there every weekend. 

While going along the Kananaskis Trail, you'll find a sign marked Wedge Pond Day-Use Area. You need to go down the hills and a clearly-marked path will direct you toward your destination. 

The whole trek is about a kilometre, which is practically nothing when it comes to breathtaking Rockies' adventures.

The hike is rated as easy and can be done by all levels. It takes you along a flat, easy path with periodic glimpses of the pond nearby. The forest setting is just as enchanting, don't you worry. 

The towering mountains surrounding the lake from all sides will leave you in awe as well.

It's honestly the perfect Rockies' spot: serene, beautiful, and super accessible. Tell us you don't want to make it your new hideout. 

You can get off the highway and check out this spot any time of year but it is truly worth making the trip during fall.

The larches come through bright and when reflected against the water of the pond, the whole landscape becomes an autumnal slice of heaven

There are tons of hiking trails beyond the shoreline but note that none of them will be as short and easy as this one. 

Just make sure to get in early in the mornings so you can secure yourself a nice spot by the lake. Believe it or not, this little-known place actually gets quite the traffic when the weather is nice. 

Dogs are allowed on the site but you must keep them on-leash. 

So the next time you're road-tripping through Alberta and you want to make a stop, consider this unforgettable scenic location nestled among the mountains. 

Wedge Pond

Address: Wedge Pond Day-Use Area, Spray Valley Provincial Park

Why You Need To Go: This magnificent oasis that doubles as a fall paradise can be accessed right off the highway, so you have no reason not to check it out.