If you're looking to experience the full wilderness of Canada but are intimidated by difficult hikes, this is the perfect solution. This super short and simple B.C. canyon hike comes with gorgeous views of the mountains and waters so vibrant you'd think they were enchanted. It's a must-do for any visitor to the Rockies.

Nestled in Kootenay National Park near the western border of Banff, Marble Canyon Trail is a well fenced, roughly 1.6 kilometre-long hike.

According to Parks Canada, it takes only 30 minutes to crank out — though you'll be wishing it were longer by the end.

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This trail is found a little over 160 kilometres from Calgary, though it's technically across the border in B.C.

The easy-to-follow and sometimes paved trail follows along the Kootenay River, with multiple bridges to let you cross the vibrant water.

What's truly spectacular is just how deeply the river had carved into the rock. Looking out over Marble Canyon, you'll be greeted by a dramatic limestone cliff worn away by the power of water and time. Take care not to slip and fall in.

Banff and the Rockies are loved for their vibrant waters, and this place is no exception. The river almost seems to glow with how blue and pure it is.

In case you ever get tired of staring down into the canyon, you can always look around to find awe-inspiring views of the Rocky Mountains and vast expanses of forest.

The trail is just 89 kilometres away from the wonderful Radium Hot Springs as well, making it the perfect pitstop on a road trip to a well-deserved soak.

With how short and easy this trek is, there's no excuse not to go if you're close by. Give it a try — you certainly won't regret it.

Marble Canyon

Address: Kootenay National Park, BC

Why You Need To Go: This super short and easy hike is a wonderful introduction to the sport and a brilliant showcase of Canada's wilderness.

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