Trying to find a career can be an exhausting experience. That can be especially true if you want something that pays well but doesn't require years of experience. Luckily, there are Canada government jobs with good salaries and are accessible with a high school education.

Statistics Canada is currently looking to hire people for two finance clerk and six travel clerk positions.

These jobs are available in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax. However, those living outside these cities are encouraged to apply in case other positions open up.

The best part is that as either a finance or travel clerk, you could be making a salary of anywhere from $52,162 to $56,471.

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What are the job duties?

Statistics Canada is looking for people who are able to solve problems, enjoy working as part of a team, and have great attention to detail.

In addition, you should be able to respond to requests by team members and be open to learning how to use various financial databases.

What are the requirements?

The only educational requirement for these positions is the successful completion of at least two years of secondary school. You can also apply with an acceptable amount of education and previous job experience.

On top of that, you'll need to have be used to working in a team and be familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel.

You'll be required to provide at least two references. These can either be a supervisor from a previous job or someone from a school or volunteer group.

If you have any experience processing various financial-related transactions, using a travel management system in the public sector, or providing customer service, these may be assessed later.

Are other positions available?

In addition to these clerk jobs, Statistics Canada is hiring in numerous different positions related to the census.

Many of these require little to no previous experience, and in some cases, such as being an administrative assistant, a key requirement is just that you know how to use a mouse.

People are also being hired to be interviewers. In this position, you'd be responsible for asking census questions by telephone, mail, or in person. You don't need to have any experience for these positions.

If you live out west, then you're in luck. There are also numerous job openings in Alberta. These are work-from-home jobs and they pay anywhere from $61,558 to $66,324.