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Health Canada Is Hiring New Grads As Analysts & The Jobs Can Pay Up To $57K

You'd be an essential part of the government!

Being a new grad and trying to start a career can be a daunting experience. However, Canada's government jobs are usually available for those who just received their degree or graduated recently. Right now, one of those positions is as an analyst working in the field of access to information and privacy.

It may sound like an intense job, but with the position comes a solid salary, especially for someone who just recently completed their post-secondary education. People working in these jobs can earn anywhere from $51,538 to $57,643.

You can get hired as an analyst with Health Canada, or a number of other government departments in either Ottawa or Gatineau.

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What does the job entail?

Working as an Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) analyst means that you would be a vital part of keeping Canada's government transparent.

The right person for the job should enjoy puzzles and have a healthy interest in Canadian law.

ATIP analysts are responsible for assessing records for disclosure and safeguarding personal information.

This also includes providing advice and guidance to people in the organization who may be providing records to others.

Further job requirements include consultations with government institutions and third parties, as well as providing information on laws and regulations related to the Access to Information and Privacy Acts.

Who can apply?

This application process is open to anyone who has or will be obtaining a bachelor's degree or college diploma in a technical field of study (meaning a minimum of three years to graduate) by June 30, 2021. 

The degree should be in a subject that is relevant to the position, including law, public or business administration, social science, or information management. However, the educational requirements are not limited to these fields of study.

Being bilingual is not a requirement for applying, but there are positions available to people who speak both English and French.

You can take an online test of your second language writing skills to determine if this would be the right choice for you.

Are there other requirements?

If you have experience in either interpreting and applying legislation or analyzing issues in order to develop strategies, you should explain in your application how you meet these criteria.

Ideal candidates for the position should also be able to work through complex situations and communicate effectively. They should be adaptable, respectful of diversity, and have good reasoning and judgment skills.

Finally, applicants must be willing to work overtime on short notice and must pass a security clearance, the level of which may be determined by the hiring department.

Applications for these jobs will be accepted until November 18.