Do you think you have some impressive hacking skills? Canada's hackers have a chance to prove themselves to a company looking to hire. However, they should be prepared for an intense 72-hour interview process.

In a July 21 press release, Canadian collective Packetlabs announced that they are looking for a new recruit to join their team, which helps companies and organizations identify weaknesses in their cybersecurity.

In case you're wondering how much money a professional hacker can stand to make, the position offers a salary of between $70,000 and $100,000 plus benefits.

After the standard submission process through LinkedIn, as well as a video screening and technical assessment, the top 20 candidates move on to proving their skills in the Offensive Security Testing Grounds.

These hackers will have to show that they can work their way into a live system over three days.

In addition, they'll have to compile a report on what vulnerabilities they found and how they can be improved.

Candidates will be scored on how sophisticated their attacks are and how many systems they are able to compromise.

The top five hackers will move onto a final interview, and the newest member of Packetlabs will be chosen from them.

"This is a high stakes, active, real-world and hands-on job so we can't just hire based on a resume or a series of interview questions," Richard Rogerson, Managing Partner of Packetlabs said in a statement.

"We need to see them do their thing in real-time and prove they are the best of the best by conquering our rigorous 72-hour hacking challenge."

Having ethical hackers who are able to test for vulnerabilities is more important than ever.

Recently, Canada claimed that Russia had broken into systems containing information on COVID-19 vaccine research as part of an attack that also hit the United States and the UK.

If you think you have what it takes to endure this intense interview process, you can apply through LinkedIn until August 15.