Canada Has Now Opened Border Applications For People Who Want To Come Here To See Family

Border rules are changing!
Canada's Border Restrictions Have New Exemptions & Applications Opened
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Reunifications might be able to happen soon! Canada's border restrictions have new exemptions now and applications are open for people who want to enter the country.

The federal government announced last week that there would be changes to which people are allowed to come into Canada.

That includes certain extended family members of Canadian citizens or permanent residents, foreign nationals for compassionate reasons and international students.

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October 8 applications to enter Canada opened

Information on who qualifies as an extended family member, the process and the requirements needed to enter Canada can be found online.

The same goes for foreign nationals.

Everyone has to apply for authorization before they can leave their country and come here.

Applications for this opened on October 8.

However, no date has been announced as to when family members and foreign nationals can enter Canada once again.

International students can start coming to the country on October 20.

Since you have to be authorized for travel, the government is warning people to not make any plans to come here until that's happened. 

The Canada-U.S. border is closed to non-essential travel until October 21 and the international travel ban that doesn't allow non-citizens and non-permanent residents from coming here was extended to October 31.

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