What if you knew you could buy a home that was even cheaper than the national average house price?

Well, this is not a drill, because some of Canada's cheapest markets have homes on sale right now and they could be yours!

The national average of a home in Canada is currently $621,525, according to Zoocasa. However, multiple regions have properties well below that price.

Here are six homes across Canada that are below the national average. 

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Little Ocean Home

Price: $89,900

Address: 480 Sea St., Saint John, NB

Description: This city in New Brunswick is the most affordable housing market in Canada with the average home being $199,853, extremely below the national average.

This little colourful cottage home there sits by the ocean and is even cheaper than an average home in Saint John at just under $90,000.

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Contemporary Home 

Price: $179,000

Address: 3551 - 3553 Boul. De La Grande-Baie S., La Baie Saguenay, QC

Description: You can get this three-bedroom contemporary-looking home for way below the average cost of a home in the region. The average home in Saguenay is $206,242!

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Cabin Style-Home

Price: $250,000

Address: 287 Amelia St. E, Thunder Bay, ON

Description: This gorgeous cabin-style home is just below the average price of a home in Thunder Bay which is $258,738.

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Tiny Oak House 

Price: $110,000

Address: 925 Robinson St Regina, SK

Description: This oak-coloured home with oak cabinets and flooring to match on the inside is cheaper than the average home in the region which sits at $273,885.

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Vintage Blue Home 

Price: $349,900

Address: 38 Martindale Dr. Calgary, AB

Description: This stunning home is not just a looker but a saver.

That's because the average home in Calgary costs $518,237 so you get more bang for your buck here.

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Mini Grey Chateau Home 


Address: 336 Bronx Ave Winnipeg, MB

Description: This pretty renovated home with big windows that let in natural light will save you a bit of cash as the average home in the city is $320,814.

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