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Study Finds 'Economic Recovery' Is Way More Important To Canadians Than Climate Change

Indigenous reconciliation landed at the bottom of the important issues list.

Canada's Economic Recovery Is More Important To Canadians Than Climate Change

A new survey by Leger asked Canadians what they believe to be the "most important issue to be debated" in the upcoming federal election. As it turns out, respondents said that Canada's economic recovery is the most important issue to focus on.

The options included economic recovery, rebuilding the healthcare system post-COVID-19, a universal basic income to address the situation for low-income Canadians, climate change, and Indigenous reconciliation. Economic recovery was shown to be the most important issue for Canadians, with 48% of respondents selecting the issue as their top priority. Albertan respondents selected this issue the most.

Canada's Economic Recovery Is More Important To Canadians Than Climate Change Leger360

Rebuilding the healthcare system post-COVID-19 was next, with 19% of respondents selecting this issue. Quebec respondents were shown to be the most invested in this issue. Next, 13% of respondents named "addressing the situation for low-income Canadians with a universal basic income" as the most important issue to be debated. Finally, climate change got only 12% of Canadians' votes and Indigenous reconciliation landed at the bottom with only 8%.

Quebecers were shown to care the most about climate change and Albertans the least. In regards to Indigenous reconciliation, Albertan respondents were the least invested and those in B.C., Manitoba, and Saskatchewan were the most.

People aged 55 and above were shown to be the most interested in addressing economic recovery, whereas people from 18 to 34 were the most interested in addressing climate change and Indigenous reconciliation.

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