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More Than Tricks: Canadian Used Magic To Change His Life (VIDEO)

"Magic really helped me to grow as a person."

Who doesn't like magic? Well, even if you don't, you may want to check out Narcity's qNa guest this week.

Canadian magician Alex Boyer sat down for an interview to talk magic, running a YouTube channel and how the art form has affected his life.

Alongside being a professional magician, Boyer recently added TV star to his resume as he recently released a show he created with his four best friends, Big Trick Energy.

And when he's not working on set or performing, Boyer can be found playing around on his YouTube channel, which consists of a mix of magic tutorials and stellar visuals.

But magic has helped Boyer do more than just learn how to fool people, saying it assisted him in not only learning English but also in learning "how to express myself, how to not be a shy person anymore."

"Magic really helped me to grow as a person."