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Go tell your friends about it! Our country has brought hundreds of Canadian celebrities into the spotlight over the years, and there's nothing better than seeing those stars support one another. As it turns out, several of your favourite stars from the True North are actually close friends.

Although they may not get to hang out every day due to busy touring and filming schedules, these celebrities all have unique bonds that tie them together.

Whether they met through the world of reality TV, their parents, or just so happened to grow up in the same neighbourhood, these stars have no trouble showing their support for one another both in person and on social media!

Mykenna Dorn and Kaitlyn Bristowe

Bachelor Nation brings people together! Although the two Canadians didn't compete on the same season of the reality show, the world of The Bachelor has brought them together.

Earlier this year, Dorn took a trip down to Nashville to celebrate her birthday with Bristowe and other friends. The two snagged a photo together and have been known to comment on one another's Instagram posts.

Ben Mulroney and Justin Trudeau

Canadian Celebrities

Being the son of Canada's most prominent political figure is something that few people can relate to, but Mulroney and Trudeau have one another to confide in.

The Loop reports that the pair are very good friends, despite their fathers' political rift decades earlier.

Michael Bublé and The Property Brothers

Earlier this year, Bublé appeared on an episode of Celebrity IOU, a home renovation show in which the Property Brothers team up with stars to give back to those who have made an impact on their lives.

As it turns out, Bublé actually grew up in the same Vancouver neighbourhood as Drew and Johnathan Scott, and his sister is also good friends with the duo.

Drake and Tory Lanez

Despite previously having beef with one another, Lanez and Drizzy have put their differences aside to form a friendship in more recent years.

Both rappers hail from the 6ix, and although they have yet to collaborate musically, they often leave hilarious comments on one another's Instagram posts.

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