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Canadian Grain Commission Jobs Pay Up To $65K & You Only Need A High School Diploma

How much do you know about Canadian grain? Well, one federal department is willing to teach you the craft and pay you up to $65,000 in return. 

Best of all? When it comes to education requirements, they only ask that you have a high school diploma.

The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) is looking to work with brand new trainees in Quebec who can work their way up in the ranks in the Canadian grain trade.

Applications will be accepted until December 11.

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What are the positions?

The CGC is hiring many people to join their trainee program before being accepted in their full-working level positions as a seasoned grain inspector in their workforce.

"The CGC is a significant part of Canada’s dynamic and diverse agriculture sector. We regulate grain handling in Canada, set grain standards and conduct research on grain. At the CGC we strive to live our values of Excellence, Integrity, Respect and Accountability," the website reads.

The four-year development program is a mixture of both theoretical and practical learning.

A grain inspector trainee would ultimately do inspections and analyze grain samples, determine its protein content, maintain records of your work, store data, deliver grain, do audits and more. 

You will also have to work around a heavy industrial environment and be exposed to moving railcars, dust, noise, bird poop, heights and rats.

What are the requirements?

What makes this job interesting is that you can make big bucks while only requiring a high-school diploma.

If you don't have one that's ok too! That's because you can also showcase a combination of education, training and experience instead. 

Applicants will also be assessed for their language skills as being bilingual is also needed for the job.

A self-assessment for second-language writing is available for free to help you decide if you want to apply.

How much does entry-level trainee, intermediate and full working level pay?

The first step in snagging a full-working position is finishing up the four-year program and eventually going up in ranks.

A grain inspector trainee can make anywhere between $46,233 to $56,844 while completing their 48-month training.

After successfully developing the required competencies, they can look forward to moving to the next stage, where they will be placed as an intermediate grain inspector. There you could take home between $50,964 and $60,703.

The final step is working as a grain inspector. In this position you can expect to pull in $54,673 to $65,279 yearly. Not too shabby!   

The deadline to apply is December 11 at midnight. 

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