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The Canadian Space Agency Is Hiring & You Can Earn Up To $77K

The deadline to apply is November 30!
The Canadian Space Agency Is Hiring & You Can Earn Up To $77K

If you're looking for the kind of job that might be described as "out of this world," then one of the currently available Canadian Space Agency careers might be right for you. The CSA is looking for someone to be a communications officer. You won't be going into space, but you'd be playing an essential role.

This would be the kind of ground-level job that keeps people interested in the possibilities of exploring space. Not only would you be a part of something noble and scientific, but you'd also get some pretty great benefits and a desirable salary. 

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What are the requirements?

In terms of education, applicants need to have a degree from a recognized post-secondary school. It should be in communications or a related field such as journalism, marketing, or public relations.

You should have some experience in writing materials such as press releases, feature articles, backgrounders, or newsletters.

It's also good if you have some familiarity with writing on the internet or creating social media content.

Finally, you'll need to have some knowledge of how to implement a communications project. This can include marketing strategies or social media plans. 

Do you need any other experience?

You'll need to be able to demonstrate that you can write effectively. This means being able to boil down a complicated subject to something clear, digestible, and appropriate for a large audience.

Working with others, meeting tight deadlines, and being action-oriented are also essential to the position.

There are other assets that are not required but might make your application stand out more.

These include having experience working in a communications department within the Federal Public Service or knowledge of communicating directly with the media.

Working in a field where you organized events or created content for a large organization's social media accounts would also be beneficial.

Are there benefits?

Working with the Canadian Space Agency offers some pretty great perks, starting with an annual salary that can range from $71,599 to $77,368.

On top of that, you get access to the CSA gym and the Larkin-Kerwin Library.

While there is also free parking and a nearby childcare centre, the CSA is currently having its teams work from home, which is definitely a good thing right now.

In addition to these benefits, you'd also be part of a pretty amazing organization that is literally looking toward the stars.

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