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Ontario Is About To Be Hit With A Storm And Tons Of Snow

Up to 10 cm of snow for much of Ontario.

If you've been enjoying the recent fall-like warm weather, you may not want to read this.

A storm is headed for Ontario on Sunday and numerous cities across the province could see up to 10 cm of snow.

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While temperatures across southern Ontario are hovering in the mid-teens through Friday afternoon according to The Weather Network, that will start to change significantly as temperatures begin to cool through Saturday night. 

According to The Weather Network's meteorologist Tyler Hamilton, "we're dealing with one of the first significant swaths of snow across southern Ontario beside lake effect."

While shoreline regions aren't likely to see much snow accumulation thanks to the east wind that will "cause a lot of mixing and rain" says Hamilton, it is more inland where we could be looking at "a fairly sizeable snowfall event" he goes on to say.

As far south as London could see 10 cm of snow. Other cities that could see as much snow include Guelph, Kitchener, and up to Barrie.

But if you happen to live in the downtown core of Toronto, count yourself lucky, as the area seems likely to escape snowfall accumulation.

It's beginning to look a lot like winter everywhere you go in Ontario, and some spots are in for a snowy treat.

The Weather Network predicts that Ontario's weather will blast the province with some snow from Thursday into Sunday, with some areas getting up to 15 centimetres on the weekend.

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