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Toronto Fell Apart During Yesterday's Wind Storm & The Damage Is Unbelievable (VIDEOS)

It was raining plywood in downtown Toronto.
Wind Storm In Ontario Leaves Intense Damage

Toronto is picking up the pieces from yesterday's wind storm in Ontario.

The gusts were so powerful that construction material was sent flying through the air, trees were knocked to the ground, and power was cut in various parts of the GTA.

Videos of the storm have started to emerge on social media and they're nothing short of terrifying.

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This Twitter user says their life flashed before their eyes when this happened, and we can absolutely see why.

It was raining plywood in downtown Toronto, according to this video. 

from toronto

And this one.

The wind even managed to shatter this person's windows. 

Another video captures the aftermath of the intense storm, leaving a massive tree strewn across an outdoor basketball court.

This clip shows just how powerful the gusts became. 

Meanwhile, outside of the GTA, the scene looked like something out of a disaster movie.

Thankfully, the storm has finally passed in Toronto, just in time for more snow.

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